Brickhouse Guitars

Starting in August, I will be working at a guitar store in Kitchener, Ontario called Brickhouse Guitars which is really exciting because they are the international headquarters for my own guitar's namesake, Stonebridge Guitars.  I've been playing my Stonebridge for more than 8 years now and it is without a doubt the most beautiful guitar I've ever owned, or even played.  For over a decade, Stonebridge has been the name given to these guitars which are available in North America but are manufactured in Czech Republic by a company called Furch since 1981.  In Europe and everywhere else in the world, these guitars are known as Furch.  

As of now and due to recent changes, Brickhouse Guitars and all other Stonebridge dealerships across North America will be selling out the final stock of guitars with the Stonebridge name and all new stock will be sold as Furch.  They will be the exact same beautiful guitars but with the original company name along the headstock.  This can be confusing but what isn't confusing is how amazing these guitars sound and feel to play.  It is astonishing the quality that is achieved on each instrument considering this single factory produces 5000 guitars every year; quality that is normally reserved for independent luthiers who build a dozen guitars per year and charge a fortune for their craftsmanship.  

For those living in North America, our store (located at 605 Lancaster St. W in Kitchener, Ontario) and our website are the best resources to see about owning one these fabulous instruments as we have by far the largest stock and we ship anywhere across the continent.  Feel free to e-mail me for more information and any questions you may have.  I'd love to help you make the best purchase possible and find the right guitar for you!